Optics I:  Theory  CPHY 62250/72250


This page contains course materials for the Optics I: Theory  course

taught by Peter Palffy-Muhoray  (Fall: 2018)

                                                                                         Class of 2018:  


 Tim Ogolla, Ruilin Xiao, Tetianal Voroblova, Hemantha Rajapaksha, Jisoo Jeong, Amit Bhomik, Roy Hu, John Zhou, Xinfang Zhang, Haumed Rahmani


        Syllabus:  Optics I  2018        

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Lecture notes:

Chapter 0:   Dimensional Analysis

Chapter 1: Waves on a String

Chapter 2.  Review of E & M (for reference only)

Chapter 3. Maxwell's Equations

 Chapter 4. Quantum Mechanics and Classical Fields

Chapter 5. Plane Waves in Isotropic Media

Chapter 6. Energy Flux

Chapter 7.  Polarized Light

Chapter 8. Inhomogeneous Solutions

Chapter 9.  Fresnel Reflection

Chapter 10.  Total Internal Reflection

Chapter 11.  Interference

Chapter 12. Light Propagation in Uniaxial Media

Chapter 13 Light Propagation in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals

Chapter 14. Gaussian Beams




Assignment 1.

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Assignment 3.

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