Optics I:  Theory  CPHY 62250/72250


This page contains course materials for the Optics I: Theory  course

taught by Peter Palffy-Muhoray  (Fall: 2016)


Haumed Rahmani, Zoltan Karaszi, Comrun Yousefzadeh, Jenieve Cumberland,

Sumanyu Chauhan, Xiayu Feng, Yunho Shin, Sophia Chen, Mohammad Najafi


        Syllabus:           CPHY 6/74495

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Lecture notes:      

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Ray Optics 

Chapter 2: Waves on a String

Chapter 3: Maxwell's Equations

Chapter 4: Quantum Mechanics and Classical Fields

Chapter 5: Plane Waves in Isotropic Media

Chapter 6: Energy Flux

Chapter 7: Polarized Light

Chapter 8: Inhomogeneous Solutions

Chapter 9: Fresnel Reflection

Chapter 10: Light Propagation in Uniaxial Media

Chapter 11:  Interference

Chapter 12: Gaussian Beams



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